Brigadehub Core API

All installations of Brigadehub sport a basic CRUD REST API for use either by a third party frontend or another application in need of brigade data.


CRUD stands for the basic functions the API can support (Create, Read, Update, Delete). The functions are restricted based on user permissions (all non-read operations are currently restricted to admins, this will change down the line based on elevated permissioning.)

Work in progress

The REST API for Brigadehub is currently a work in progress. As more of the functionality of the default (c4sf) themes are migrated to the API, these will be built out further.

Any and all contributions in relation to the API are welcome. Please visit the Core repo for more information on building out this functionality

Documentation Contributions

This document is a living document. Please let us know if there is anything that is out of date or incomplete, we'll try to correct it as best we can.

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