CRUD Models

All models represented in Brigadehub are accessible via REST API (Built on mortimer, GraphQL API is on the roadmap).


The models that are represented in the Core API are as follows:

Model Endpoint slug Use
Brigade brigade The brigadehub instance's brigade-specific configuration and profile information
Users users A list of each user, their profile information, and associated jwt keys (scrubbed when accessing via API)
Projects projects A list of each project in the brigade, their profile information, contact/contributor information and code location
Events events A list of upcoming events for the brigade, the contact and venue information
Posts posts A list of blog posts for the brigade, markdown formatted, along with metadata
Checkins checkins An audit log of event check-ins, for monitoring event turnout

Endpoint formatting

These endpoints are formatted as follows:[/:id]

where :model represents the corresponding endpoint slug for the model, and :id represents a specific document's mongo ID.


By default, only 10 results are returned on a list call. To change the pagination settings, use one of the following parameters:

Parameter Effect Example
_limit number per page (default 10) _limit=50
_skip number of pages to skip (default 0) _skip=3



Parameter Effect Example
_fields only return the specified fields (defaults to returning whole document)
_sort Sort the results by the field specified, reverse the sort with `-,
<field>__<operator> a general field filter, where <field> is the field within the document (e.g. lastLogin), and <operator> is an operator on the field (available operators are listed below) lastLogin__gt=1485227510000
Available operators
Operator Effect Example
eq Exact Equal projects?name__eq=Adopt-a-Drain
ne Not Equal projects?name__ne=TrustOSS
lt Less Than users?createdAt__lt=1485227510000
gt Greater Than users?createdAt__gt=1485227510000
lte Less Than or Equal to users?createdAt__lte=1485227510000
gte Greater Than or Equal to users?createdAt__gte=1485227510000
regex Regex match
in Field equals any in comma-delineated string projects?name__in=Adopt-a-Drain,TrustOSS,WeVote


Usage examples



To return a list of documents for any of the above models, omit the [/:id] from the request:

Method Example Endpoint Results
GET {}
GET {}

Single record



Single record


Single record


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